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About Us

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Vox Box Studios combines performance, technique, and practice to develop well rounded singers.

Why take lessons at Vox Box Studios?

One-on-one lessons allows for customized lessons to each individual student's experience level, learning styles, and goals

Judgement free safe zone so no matter what your experience level, you are welcome to pursue your passion

Performance opportunities encouraged and available to interested students


Career advice available to students from a music industry professional with a formal education and experience in the field


Learn safe singing with proper technique to improve voice and prevent vocal damage


Build confidence by realizing your potential


Learn how to sing for recording purposes with chances to record


Our Philosophy


Performance: provides goals and deadlines to the student and encourages them to break out of their comfort zone. It also gives invaluable skills that many schools don’t offer but are integral to making a singer not just a vocalist, but an entertainer.


Technique: teaches methods to create different sounds in a healthy manner. Knowing how to do these techniques allows for the singer to manipulate their voice to maximize expression in a wide variety of musical selections across different genres.


Practice: putting into action the lessons learned in class. Repetition and building muscle memory allow for smoother applications of the techniques used in healthy singing. More important than any piece of theory is practice. The only way to reach your potential is to practice what you’ve learned.



30 minute lesson


60 minute lesson



Ready for the next step?


The assessment is a no-obligation 30-minutes for the student and teacher to meet and go over what the lessons will entail. Together they will go over what the student's goals are as a vocalist and what the studio can offer to them to help them reach them.
The fee is $22.50

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Email: lessons@voxboxstudios.ca
Phone: (613) 801-7274